Bizarre Chip Flavors You Won’t Believe Exist

It was around 2008 in England when I first started noticing potato chips, or should I say crisps, that made me stop and do a double-take. Since then, the trend of selling weird or unique chips seems to have spread worldwide…and upped its game. So I present to you some of the most unusual potato chips around the world.

Lay’s Creamy Garlic Caesar Salad

This is healthy, right?

Photo: Food Junk

Lay’s Cool & Refreshing Blueberry Flavor Chips

Apparently this is one of the most popular potato chip flavors in China. They really like their chips to be cool, refreshing and fruity.

Photo: Way Up High

Lay’s Butter Garlic Scallop Flavored Chips

A buttery, garlicky, savory seafood entree squeezed into a potato chip. Who needs dinner? Found in Thailand.

Photo: Bored Panda

Lay’s India’s Mint Mischief Chips

For that minty fresh potato chip breath.

Photo: Anna


Walkers English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding Flavour Potato Crips

Another Sunday dinner in a bag. This was a special limited series flavor during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in England.

Photo: list 25


Walkers Cajun Squirrel Flavour Potato Crisps

Yes, these existed once. British snack food manufacturer Walkers tested out a range of new flavors for customers to taste and vote on. While the Cajun Squirrel flavor may have raised the most eyebrows, it came in second to last in the competition. Other flavors included: Builder’s Breakfast, Onion Bhaji, Fish & Chips, Crispy Duck & Hoisin and Chili & Chocolate.

Photo: Rare


Calbee Borsch Flavoured Potato Chips

Leave it to the Japanese to turn a hearty Ukrainian beetroot soup into a snack food flavor. Something tells me this borsch won’t warm you up on a cold winter night though.

Photo: Mobsea


Lay’s Wavy Original Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate

Okay, to be honest, despite sounding wacky, this one actually sounds good. They had chocolate dipped potato chips at an Amish market I went to once (as well as chocolate-dipped bacon) and they were surprisingly good. Sweet & salty is a nice combo and the chip gives the chocolate a nice crisp to it. Think chocolate-dipped pretzels.

Photo: Brand Eating


Lay’s Bacon Poutine Chips

I love love love me some poutine. But I don’t see this working. Unless this bag of chips comes with an instant gravy packet and pouch of fresh cheese curds, it’ll never have the je ne sais quois of warm, gooey, melty poutine.

Photo: Oh! Canada


Lay’s Cappuccino Flavored Chips

Because who doesn’t love chips with their cappuccino? Yuck.

Photo: Business Insider


Tako Octopus Flavored Chips

This one doesn’t surprise me. My boyfriend loves his puffy shrimp chips and these kind of fall in the same boat.

Photo: list 25


McClure’s Pickles Bloody Mary Kettle Cooked Chips

Yes, yes and yes. A little bit of spiciness. A little bit of pickle-liness. All zapped into one thick cut salty potato chip. The only thing that would make this better is if it came with a liquid Bloody Mary.

Photo: Bloody Queen City


Lay’s Natural & Cool Kiwi Flavor Chips

Natural & Cool…hmm…bet you can’t guess where these are from.

Photo: Ryan McFarland Blog


Real Handcooked Roast Ox Flavor Potato Crisps

Coming to you from the good ol’ UK.

Photo: Welsh Food Box Company


Lay’s Sensation Moments: Ham, Cream cheese & Herbs Flavored Chips

When you forget to buy that spread of appetizers.

Photo: Viva


Lay’s Hot & Sour Fish Soup Flavored Chips

It’s described as “intense & stimulating.” Another interesting Chinese addition to the list of crazy chip flavors. I am very curious to taste this one though.

Photo: techeblog


Doritos Crab Cream Gratin Pizza Chips

Wrapping up this list, I wanted to share one of the most bizarre chips I could never imagine. You just can’t make this up. Innovative in pretty much everything, the Japanese dared to be bold with coming out with a Crab Cream Gratin Pizza chip flavor.

Photo: Esquire



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